How to Make Kombucha

Cranberry Ginger Kombucha Mimosas |

In addition to saving about $4 every time a kombucha craving strikes, one of the great parts of making your own kombucha at home is that you can play around with the sweetness and the flavors to make homemade kombucha that’s even better than store-bought.

Here are a few posts to help get you started. It’s easy—promise!

  1. How to Make Kombucha: Fermenting Your First Batch
  2. Why I Don’t Recommend Growing Your Own Kombucha SCOBY
  3. 10 Questions: An Interview with Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp

Ready to learn how to make kombucha? We suggest a couple of options depending on your budget:

Option 1: You Want to Spend Under $50

Recommendation: The Brew Now Kit by Kombucha Kamp

It’s what we used when we first started out. It includes everything you’ll need to begin brewing awesome kombucha at home (full-size SCOBY, starter liquid, custom organic tea blend, organic vegan cane sugar, comprehensive guide to brewing, etc). Minimally, we think this is the way to go to ensure really good results from the start.

Option 2: You’re Serious About Brewing the Best Quality Kombucha and Have $50+ to Spend

Recommendation: A Continuous Brew Package

This includes everything you’d get in the Brew Now Kit, plus a brewing vessel, optional heater (kombucha likes to stay warm), and some nice-to-have extras like organic flavorings and pH strips to ensure your kombucha is in the ideal zone.

Our Top Pick: the Handmade Stoneware Artisanal Vessel (in turquoise because that one is really pretty)

Happy kombucha brewing!