Natural Makeup Recommendations

Thank you so much for all of your responses to my last post! I loved reading about your favorite makeup products and what works for you! I used to be a makeup (and especially lip gloss and nail polish) junkie, but I’ve sort of lost touch with all of the latest brands and products since I started working from home and don’t feel like I have to wear makeup…or non-workout clothes. It also helps that I no longer work next to a Sephora and don’t spend my lunch breaks maintaining VIB status. You know you have a problem when you’re able to redeem points on an almost weekly basis…Aaron is thankful we didn’t share a bank account back then.

Anyway, I spent a good chunk of Friday researching all of your suggestions, which included:

Nicole of A Dash of Compassion also recommended Battle of the Bite’s 5-part series on her switch to natural makeup, skin and hair care. This series is awesome! It’s super comprehensive and gives a really great breakdown of each of the products’ pros and cons. Overall, Jane Iredale and bareMinerals were her favorites.

Also really helpful is the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. You can enter a product and it will give you an overall score on a scale of 0-10, as well as a breakdown of each ingredient and how it scores in terms of potential hazard.

bareMinerals Matte

I had a hair appointment in the city on Friday, so I made a quick stop at my old stomping grounds, Sephora, to check out the bareMinerals line. I ended up purchasing the matte powder and a couple of high quality makeup brushes, and so far, so good! No allergic reactions, although I did have a slight panic attack when the sales associate was testing out the powder on my face. Does anyone else get totally uncomfortable with someone you don’t know, using brushes that aren’t yours, to try a product that who knows how many people have sampled, on your face? I promptly washed my face when I got home. Twice.

I’m also trying out some new, homemade, and very simple skin care, but I need to give that a little time before I share my verdicts. In the meantime, I have another question for you: For those of you who color your hair, do you use a natural dye?

I highlight my hair every couple of months and as I was sitting with chemicals seeping into my brain on Friday (oh, the hypocrisy!), I decided I need to make an effort to switch to natural hair dye too.