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SEO for Food Bloggers eBook Is Available Today + a Giveaway!


Today is the day! My first eBook, SEO for Food Bloggers is now available and I am beyond excited to share it with you!

I really do believe that a little SEO, when strategic and focused, can have a profoundly positive impact on your blog.

Pickles & Honey is a perfect example of this: organic traffic has been, by far, the highest percentage of my website traffic, making up 40% of my total visits over the past 3 years. What I’ve learned is that, often, it’s the people who find your blog searching for a recipe on Google who are going to start following you on Instagram, “pin” your photo, and sign up for your weekly email updates. Organic search traffic is a powerful thing.

Investing in improving your blog’s SEO can have an amazing return on investment, especially compared to other types of self-promotion.

SEO for Food Bloggers eBook: 50 Easy Things To Increase Your Traffic |

SEO for Food Bloggers is a very comprehensive 90 pages in length, but I’ve broken it down into short, totally manageable chapters. You can read and implement one or two SEO tactics at a time, or go all out and make a bunch of improvements at once if that’s more your style. Because it’s only the need-to-know information for blogging, you won’t be wasting valuable time filtering through a bunch of general recommendations—I’ve fused more than 8 years of my most effective SEO work for Fortune 500 clients with my expertise in food blogging.

SEO for Food Bloggers is completely tailored to you.

Amanda Maguire | SEO for Food Bloggers eBook |

It’s streamlined without requiring an understanding of HTML or being technical and dry (I had to infuse some personality!), and it includes 50 things you can start doing today to increase your organic search traffic.


If you’re thinking, “I’m a blogger and I need to up my SEO game, but I don’t write about food.” Not to worry—I’ve also got you covered. Yes, I’ve written the eBook to include food references and I talk a lot about Google searches for chocolate chip cookies (apparently I was craving them?), and there is one chapter on my top choice for recipe plugins. However, I am a firm believer that good SEO is good SEO. For this reason, nearly all of the content, tips, and tools can be successfully applied to any blog to grow search engine traffic.

This eBook is for anyone who’s ever felt intimidated or overwhelmed by SEO and unsure of where to start. It’s approachable, yet effective, foundational, yet specific. My hope is that the recommendations will be practical, easy to understand, and will ultimately help you to improve your blog’s search engine rankings so you can grow your organic traffic.

Because I’m just about bursting with excitement, I’ve decided not to give away 1, but 2 COPIES of SEO for Food Bloggers! Hooray for 2 WINNERS! And hooray for digital books—the giveaway is open to everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support over the last 3 years. This really is a dream come true for me.

If you’re ready to purchase, you can click on the “Buy It Now” buttons in this post, or head on over to the SEO for Food Bloggers eBook page for additional information and sample pages. And while you’re at it, check out the affiliate program! I’ve added links to both pages in the main navigation (↑) for easy access, as well as a banner near the top of the sidebar (→).

Happy SEOing!



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  1. Cadry says

    I use SEO by Yoast now, but up until a year ago I had no idea about SEO. I still have room for improvement in that knowledge base!

  2. Shannon says

    Yoast has done wonders for me and I like to think that my software background has helped me understand SEO…. more than average, I guess. But I am so sure that I have a lot more to learn. Your book looks like a treasure trove!

  3. Abby says

    Definitely yes. It’s always seemed overwhelming to me and I’m about to start a new website for my business.

  4. I don’t even really know! I think I just kind of ignore it and just blog. I take bits and pieces of what I’ve learned from posts,etc., but I never intentionally focus on it!

  5. Samantha says

    Congrats, Amanda! This is AWESOME!

  6. Sarah says

    I’m not too familiar with seo. It alsways seemed complicated and like you said, overwhelming. Thank you for putting together this ebook!

  7. Noel says

    Woo hoo! Congratulations! This is totally something I will use. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Erin says

    I know a tiny bit about search engine optimization, but I know I need to learn more. I’m really excited for this E-book. Thanks!

  9. I used to use Yaost, but now that I switched to Foodie Pro, there is a built-in SEO plugin… But I have to say that I feel like it’s just not as good. Learning little things I could do to improve SEO would be fantastic!

  10. Lina says

    I didn´t even know SEO existed a year ago. And since then it has been nothing but confusing. Glad we´re shining some light in the dark now 🙂

  11. LK says

    ugh, *so* confusing!

  12. Carmen says

    Cute pic of you and the pups! I need all the SEO help I can get.

  13. Dianne says

    I use a SEO widget but I don’t know very much about it.

  14. I have very little SEO knowledge. I have a widget that I fill in till it turns green (for good!) but that’s the extent of my understanding!

  15. Abby says

    Oh, I love this! I’ve been thinking I should start paying attention to my SEO. I know nothing about it.

  16. Karen S. says

    I bought your ebook this morning and I have to say, I’m impressed. I had been using SEO by Yoast and thought that was enough, but your book actually explains the WHY of SEO I also like that you talk about SEO and how that can relate to forming the content of the post, not just as an afterthought the way plugins act. I’m only a few chapters in and it’s already such a valuable resource. Thank you!

    1. Amanda says

      Thank you, Karen! That is amazing to hear. SEO is definitely most powerful when it’s not an afterthought, but rather a consideration as early on as determining your post topic. I’m so glad you’re learning a lot!

  17. Cathy says

    So excited for your book!

  18. Kyle says

    I so want to win this! I’ve been meaning to learn more about how to do SEO for myself. Your book seems perfect.

  19. Allison says

    I’m glad to know that this isn’t just for food blogs. Thanks!

  20. Laura says

    Yes, SEO is a mystery to me and I would love to understand it better to get more organic traffic! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Jennifer says

    This is really cool. I feel like SEO is such a specialty, my husband works on building websites and he pretty much knows nothing about SEO. I remember when I first started seriously blog again, I asked him about it and got a whole lot of nothing. XD

    1. Amanda says

      I agree that SEO tends to be its own thing. The people who can build websites AND do SEO–they have a very, very marketable skill set!

  22. Becka says

    I couldn’t wait to see if I won the giveaway, so I bought a copy. 😉 Can’t wait to dig in!

  23. erinwyso says

    I would like to learn more about SEO, but by he time I’m done cooking and writing, I’m exhausted! A guide that would make it easy for me would be fantastic!

  24. Holly Nall says

    This sounds amazing! I’ve been meaning to study SEO more but didn’t know where to start. A tailored guide for food bloggers would be perfect!

  25. Great idea for a book! I definitely find SEO to be a little daunting. Understand some of it but there are so many layers. I’d love to conquer it at some point soon!

  26. Sonja says

    I use SEO by Yoast but beyond that, I don’t really know what’s going on! I did learn some basics from Food Blogger Pro but I’m really looking forward to learning more through your ebook. I do find that a lot of my traffic comes from organic traffic so I know people stumble upon my blog through a recipe search, so I’m really interested to see how I can optimize my blog.

    Side note: my most repinned pin on Pinterest ever is a photo of one of your puggles as a puppy. People LOVE that photo!

    1. Amanda says

      Your side note just made me so happy for some reason. I’m a proud dog mom. 🙂

  27. TIA says


    1. TIA says

      Sorry. Didn’t know my caps lock was on until I hit enter. CAn’t see how to edit it. I didn’t mean to yell. I apologize.

      1. Amanda says

        haha No worries. You just sounded very enthusiastic, which I like. 😉

  28. Margaux says

    SEO is something scary I try to avoid even though I know getting to grips with it would do me and my blog a world of good. The hardest part is finding a place to start doing research, so this eBook seems like an amazing solution, especially if it caters for food bloggers. 😀 😀 What an awesome project you’ve completed!

    1. Amanda says

      Thank you, Margaux! <3

  29. Kait says

    Squeeeeee! I’m so excited fir you!

    Also that photo is FAB.

  30. Megan says

    I think everything about SEO is confusing!!!!

  31. Paige c says

    Yes I haven’t had much time to dedicate to building my blog while in school

  32. Jess says

    In all honesty, I have never lifted a finger in regards to SEO – that’s such a rookie move (or lack there of), isn’t it?! I guess for me I’ve always just thought I was too busy to learn or didn’t know where to start.

    1. Amanda says

      I totally get it and I think most people would say the same thing. My hope is that the eBook will give you everything you need in one place and simplify it to the point that it’s really just a quick 3-5 minutes of SEO for each post (less when you consider that you’d already be entering certain information anyway!).

  33. Emma says

    SEO is definitely something I’d like to learn more about- both for my blog and for my “real” career.
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of your ebook!

  34. Casey says

    I definitely want to read this!

  35. Caitlin says

    whenever i think i kind of understand seo, then i read something else and get confused all over again. i would love to win your book!

  36. Amanda! This is awesome!! I’m so glad to see this awesome project come together for you and if I don’t win, I’m for sure buying this. 😀

    1. Amanda says

      Aww, thanks Jackie! xo

  37. Eileen says

    I do think SEO can be confusing — especially since it changes constantly. Super eager to check this resource out!

  38. I was just thinking last night that I needed to buy a book about understanding SEO because I don’t think I understand it at all! This must be a sign from god, haha! What a great giveaway and thank you so much for putting it on 🙂

    1. Amanda says

      Perfect timing then! 🙂

  39. I am the worst when it comes to SEO… I would love to read the eBook!

  40. It’s fantastic to see how far you’ve come since our Austin to Boston bloggers swap. I know that I, and others, can learn more SEO savvy tips from you and your e-book.

    1. Amanda says

      Thanks so much, Maggie! I can’t believe it’s been a few years since the Austin to Boston food swap. It’s great to hear from you!

  41. Arpit Roy says

    I missed the giveaway 🙁 Hope there will more in the coming days 🙂

    You are spot on about SEO and the direct relation with organic traffic. I have experienced a significant improvement in search traffic just by optimizing my older blog posts.


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