Thursday Thoughts

It’s been a while since I did a random musings kind of post, so while I’m procrastinating making and photographing that kale salad I mentioned the other day, here are some (mostly) non-food related thoughts…

Barley 12 Weeks 3

– Barley is 16 weeks old and nearly ten pounds. How did this even happen?? This means we’ve had him for two months and he’s gained almost a pound a week. He still kind of smells like a puppy though, and he’s certainly in that lovely teething phase, only now his jaw is a lot stronger and the novelty of his toys has worn off, making people’s hands/faces/feet and Honey’s butt that much more enticing. We need to do another photo session before he’s suddenly a dog. Although, puggles do seem to stay puppies (at least behavior-wise) for a good five years. It’s both awesome and super annoying, depending on when you ask me. And what they have destroyed.


– As of this week, I’m doing a gluten elimination diet. I’ve been dealing with itchy skin rashes on my hands and neck on and off for the last couple of years, but they’ve recently gotten worse. I’ve tried switching dish soaps, laundry detergents, and even making my own body and face wash (cheap and effective!), but it never completely goes away. This makes me think it could be food-related, especially because it was bad around Thanksgiving when I was eating seitan. I also read that citrus fruits can sometimes cause a reaction, but I would be really, really sad to have to give those up. Fortunately, since eliminating gluten these last few days, my hands are noticeably better and my neck is totally healed. It could be anything – stress, some other environmental factor – but I’m hopeful I’ve finally found the culprit.

– In other skin-related news, I’ve almost completely stopped wearing makeup after I had that terrible reaction to a new moisturizer. I got rid of the moisturizer, thoroughly washed my makeup brushes, but now I’m paranoid that it’s probably contaminated my makeup. I don’t wear a lot – just some eye concealer, loose power, eye shadow, and mascara, and most of it’s Clinique, which I’ve been wearing since high school. Remember those monthly promos where you spent x dollars and got a little makeup case with “free” samples? Do they even still do that? I couldn’t resist them at the time. Anyway, now that I’m older and possibly wiser, I’d love to trade out those chemically products for makeup that’s actually good for my skin. Any recommendations? Do you use any products that you love? I wish I could say I’m cool with never wearing makeup again, but that would be a lie. I’m a little bit vain.