Sunday Afternoon Apple Picking

Apple Picking

I’ve been wanting to go apple picking for years. Each Fall, I make a mental list of things I’d like to do – carve a pumpkin, take a scenic drive to view all of the beautiful foliage, go apple picking. And then life gets busy, to-dos pile up, and before I know it, it’s winter and the only thing growing outside is inches of snow.

Apple Tree

This year, I told myself I wouldn’t let my favorite season pass me by without going apple picking. I did some research, narrowed it down to Autumn Hills Orchard in Groton, MA, and Aaron and I decided we’d go this past weekend. And then when Sunday came along, I told him I wasn’t sure we’d have time. We had to do laundry, go grocery shopping, take the dogs to the park, I had to work on a blog recipe… I actually heard myself say “I’m not sure I can go apple picking because I need to work on a recipe post for this week.” And then it hit me: I was about to pass on living my life to work on writing about living my life.

Autumn Hills Orchard Views

I blog because it’s a passion. I love the creative outlet, brainstorming new recipes, perfecting them through trial and error, and doing my best to capture them through photographs and share them in my writing. But the second I catch myself creating self-imposed deadlines that take away from going out and doing something, I know it’s time to take a step back. And so, Aaron, Olive, and I took an hour-long drive out to seventy acres of orchards, and I took a break from technology to marvel at the views, sample at least five varieties of apples, and enjoy an afternoon with my husband where neither of us talked about work or errands.

Autumn Hills OrchardApple TreeSo Many ApplesPicking PearsEmpire Apples (I think?)

It was perfection.

ApplesHoney BeesOlive Eats a Honeycrisp Apple

If you live around the Boston area, I highly recommend making the trek out to Autumn Hills Orchard. They use integrated pest management to encourage the natural growing cycle and have a large variety of apples (around 20 different types), as well as pears and plums too.

Macoun Apple (My favorite)

The views, the apples, the break from computers and cell phones – it truly doesn’t get much better than this.


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  1. Looks like the perfect fall weekend! We’re hoping to go apple picking next Sunday, and I can’t wait – it’s been ages since I’ve gone.

    1. Amanda says

      It’s so much fun! I don’t know why I waited so long to go.

  2. I live near Boston and I’ve never been to Autumn hills orchard, I usually go to Brooksby farms to apple pick. I’ll have to check out this place though, I love that they use IPM.

    Sundays are hard because you want to enjoy them, but there is also so much catching up/preparing for the oncoming week! I know how you feel! I’m glad you chose apple picking over laundry and food shopping! 🙂

  3. Shannon says

    I do the same thing. I have meant to apple picking for at least 4 years now. I REALLY hope I do it this year.

  4. Lee says

    Now I think I need to go apple picking soon.

    1. Amanda says

      I think you need to go too. 🙂

  5. Lisa Richardson says

    A lovely day, crisp air and crisp apples, there’s nothing better. If I could, I’d drag an adirondack chair out there, with a good book, and spend the day! So glad you had a good time……..and hopefully you got enough apples to pop some in the crockpot for apple butter and a wonderfully scented house!

    1. Amanda says

      They had some picnic tables throughout the orchard – perfect for reading or bringing a picnic lunch.
      I have more apples than I know what to do with right now. It’s a good problem to have. 🙂

  6. I love apple picking! I went for the first time last year, and I’m going again in a couple weeks. So quintessential fall 🙂

  7. Laura S. says

    So envious and it looks like you had gorgeous weather too! This is something I’ve wanted to do for years as well, so now you’ve motivated me to plan it for an upcoming weekend.

    How were the prices? Reasonable I’m guessing!?

    1. Amanda says

      The prices were really reasonable. $1.25/lb, and unlimited sampling! I think I ate the better part of four apples just walking around. 😉

  8. YAY, Amanda!! I am so proud of you for saying “the heck with it” about other things and going apple picking. And you’re so right- the most important thing is to be out there LIVING life!
    Greg and I are trying to go apple picking during a weekday soon, because the orchards are SO crowded on the weekends here. We also go pick pumpkins every year (and take a hayride!)- I get really giddy about fall activities (even though we never do anything for Halloween- do you?). I can’t wait to be up in Boston (in just over 3 weeks!)- I hear it’s beautiful in October!

    1. Amanda says

      There were a bunch of pumpkin picking farms on our way to get apples. Next time I am definitely stopping at one!
      We didn’t do anything for Halloween last year and I’m not sure what’s happening this year. I feel like I’m kind of over dressing up and going out (when did I get so old?? haha), but I’m always down for candy. 😉
      Boston should be beautiful when you visit!

  9. We just went apple picking yesterday. 🙂 Today I am having apple slices with nutella. 🙂 Nice to see your dog loving the apples as well.

  10. I am so digging the apple picking! I wish we had more apple orchards here in western Washington – all our best apples are east of our mountains. Love this so much thanks for sharing!

    1. Amanda says

      Thanks, Megan! I just clicked over to your blog and it’s awesome! Your photos are absolutely stunning – I can’t wait to read more! 🙂


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