I Tried It: Peppermint Oil for Headaches | picklesnhoney.com #peppermint #essentialoil #diy #headache

I Tried It: Peppermint Oil for Headaches

I Tried It: Peppermint Oil for Headaches | picklesnhoney.com #peppermint #essentialoil #diy #headache

I’m weird about taking over-the-counter medications for most things. Antacids for heartburn? I’d rather slowly eat a handful of almonds (yes, this actually works!) or drink a little baking soda mixed in water. Ibuprofen for pain and inflammation? Give me an epsom salt bath and a golden milk latte, extra turmeric please. For minor aches and pains, I’m a big believer that my symptoms are my body’s way of telling me it needs a change or some extra love, and that most of the time, there’s a totally natural remedy that will help.

In the last couple of years, I’ve built up a small but well-curated collection of essential oils for both my mental and physical health. I love a few drops of lavender oil in the shower for relaxation, eucalyptus oil for a stuffy nose, and peppermint oil for everything from a natural bug repellent (it’s great in the city, not-so-much for mosquito-heavy places) to a surprisingly effective headache salve.

To use peppermint oil for headaches, you’ll need two ingredients:

  1. a high quality peppermint essential oil
  2. a carrier oil that agrees with your skin (I like jojoba or avocado oil)

You never want to put straight-up essential oil on your skin—it’s too intense and can burn and leave a rash. Peppermint oil is potent, so a drop or two mixed into a teaspoon or so of carrier oil should be enough. From there, apply a small amount wherever you have a headache (or any ache or pain, for that matter) and gently massage the area until it’s mostly absorbed. I find this very helpful on my temples, sinuses, and neck, where I often store my stress—and it’s even better if you can have someone else do the massaging. 😉 The smell is wonderful of course, but the tingling and numbing effect of peppermint oil is what really does the trick. Just make sure you thoroughly wash your hands after applying because peppermint oil in your eyes is VERY not fun.

Unlike over-the-counter medications, I find it works almost immediately. Even Aaron, who is a-okay with popping four Advil at a time {shudder}, has started using peppermint essential oil at the first signs of a headache.

Other headache remedies you might consider: drink more water, get outside for a walk, and stop looking at your screen.

Have you tried peppermint oil for a headache? Did it work well for you?

Photo by Christin Hume.