I’m a planner by nature. I like to do my research, consider all of my options, and take multiple, multiple nights to sleep on things. And even then, it takes me a while to make decisions.

After finding Olive a home that’s a better fit, Aaron and I both agreed that we still wanted a second dog. We were on a waitlist for almost an entire year before we brought Honey into our lives, and so when we decided our next dog would be another puggle, I called Honey’s breeder to once again add our names to the list. Except there wasn’t a list – there were three litters of puppies ready to go home that coming weekend.

Barley 8 Weeks

And so, here we are. It wasn’t really planned, but we knew as soon as we held him – this is our dog. He’s sweet, but feisty, and energetic, but loves to snuggle and give kisses.

Barley 9 WeeksBarley PlayingBarley 9 Weeks SittingBarley Jumping

We named him Barley, keeping with the whole Pickles & Honey food theme, and also because Aaron loves beer.

BarleyBarley TreatBarley 2

He’s only four pounds now, but already, Barley’s giving Honey a run for her money.

Honey & Barley

I’m sure there will be a video of that to come. For now though, I can’t seem to take enough photos.

Barley LickingBarley Side