Going Back to Simple: Water

Lemon Water

I used to consider myself a “terrible water drinker”, which is to say that I was drinking far below the recommended eight cups a day. This, of course, resulted in dehydration and frequent headaches and was particularly annoying because it was all self-imposed. I’m weird about water and think most of it tastes “funny” straight from the tap.

A year or so ago I finally stopped being silly and committed to drinking water throughout the day. I began my morning with a giant glass with fresh lemon juice to set the tone and bought a big BPA-free plastic bottle to keep me on track. I felt a million times better, and my headaches went away.

But I still get sick of plain water. I need lemon or lime wedges, cucumber slices, or mint to jazz it up. And I’d much rather be drinking coconut water – raw and organic, if possible. Fizzy mineral water is also nice.

Last week, as I was sipping on my fancy, filtered, flavored water, doing a mental check of whether I was on track to drink my eight glasses, and leisurely reading the latest Travel Junkette post, I saw this video:

That’s a reality check right there. I’m embarrassed that I ever acted like drinking water is such a chore.

Every time I turn on my faucets and have immediate, unlimited access to clean water, hot or cold, I’m reminded to be consciously thankful.

To learn more about Water is Life and ways you can help, click here.

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