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Is That a Puggle? Your Weekly Puggle Party //

Is That a Puggle? Professional Puggle Edition| #isthatapuggle

Is That a Puggle? Professional Puggle Edition | #isthatapuggle

Is That a Puggle? Professional Puggle Edition | #isthatapuggle

Is That a Puggle? Professional Puggle Edition | #isthatapuggle

Is That a Puggle? Professional Puggle Edition | #isthatapuggle

Is That a Puggle? Professional Puggle Edition | #isthatapuggle

Photography by Aaron Scott.

This photo shoot was inspired by our regularly asking Barley, “When are you going to get a job?” There is no sense in asking Honey because she will look at you like, “Silly human. You work for me.” And then go back to being adorable all curled up on the couch. In all fairness, Barley did get a job one time and probably got paid more than I’ll ever make in an hour. Unfortunately, the ad campaign changed and none of the photos will be seeing the light of day. He seems to be taking it okay, although he has been hitting the peanut butter jar hard.

Though Honey would prefer to have her butt firmly planted on a lap or a soft, high thread count, plush cushion, she does get excited for any excuse to play dress up. I told her you’re always supposed to remove one accessory before walking out the door (that’s a thing, right?), but she was all “The more jewels, the better.” I would have to agree. And I think we were able to capture Honey’s true essence in that last photo, pretty pretty princess and all.

A quick note: we may need to turn our weekly puggle parties into bi-weekly or monthly occasions, as they take quite a bit of time to photograph (mostly because Barley is trying to eat the props and Honey randomly runs away because she’s a diva). Maybe not though. It’s possible Aaron and I will have some sudden “Is that a puggle?!” inspiration and the dogs will be particularly amenable.

What are your thoughts on the puppy photos? Keep ’em weekly, or would you rather another recipe/food-related post instead?

Let me know what you’d like to see more of in the comments! Also, if you ever have an idea for a puggle post, share that too!

Amanda, Princess Honey & Mr. Barley


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  1. Emma says

    They look so smart! I’m thinking maybe out for a fancy dinner with those jewels rather than off to work. Super cute.

    1. Amanda says

      haha I think you’re right – she’s overdressed for work. 😉 Sidenote: that’s actually the necklace I wore to my senior prom! I think it’s costume jewelry from my grandmother…not sure, but it’s fun!

  2. Ashley says

    These get more and more adorable each week! I can totally understand how they might be time-consuming to shoot, though. My love for recipes is pretty much on par with my love for cute animals so I’ll read puggle posts whenever you publish them, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, etc.

    1. Amanda says

      Thanks for the feedback, Ashley!

  3. Oh poor Barley! Tell him he is still just darrrhhhhling. I say weekly!! I think a Sherlock Holmes with Watson photo shoot would be quite humourous. But, alas, I am obsessed with SH so…

    1. Amanda says

      Very cute idea! We love SH too!

    2. Kait says

      OMG THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!! *ahem*

  4. Carly M says

    I love them weekly. I actually just thought, it’s too late to invest in reading a real post tonight but I have time for cute animal pics. I love the recipe posts too, but these give such a nice variety. I understand if you need to space them more though. This series reminds me of the dog calendar the shiatsu owners make in the movie Best in Show.

    For some reason the idea of them dressed as another type of animal makes me laugh. Like if barley dressed as a squirrel and Honey as a nut. Then you could capitalize on their natural instincts; Honey lounging and Barley investigating her costume.

    1. Amanda says

      hahaha The squirrel/nut costumes are hysterical! I really like the idea of them dressed as other animals (which is probably why Honey owns a hoodie with teddy bear ears – or at least I think that’s what they are?).
      I was thinking it would be fun to make a calendar of Honey and Barley…
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the puggle series, Carly! I agree that it’s a nice change of pace too.

  5. Kait says

    Ok I love this series – especially on humpday because how can you not smile?! I would love them to continue weekly but won’t blame you if you have to cut back… <3

  6. Tan says

    I love them weekly! But, of course understand the time investment and need to cut back 🙂

  7. I will be happy to look at their cute faces however much you want to share them with us! I love the idea of a calendar, you could have them dress up according to each month, super cute!


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