Easy Raw Beet Ravioli with Almond Thyme Pâté + Basil | picklesnhoney.com #raw #vegan #ravioli #glutenfree

Raw Beet Ravioli with Almond Thyme Pâté

Easy Raw Beet Ravioli with Almond Thyme Pâté + Basil | picklesnhoney.com #raw #vegan #ravioli #glutenfree

A few years ago, I decided I would challenge myself and make a fully raw, vegan, and gluten-free Thanksgiving feast for my family. A week of prepping later, and more use than my neglected dehydrator had ever seen, I presented my somewhat skeptical family with a handful of dishes and anxiously awaited their feedback.

Thankfully, they loved the food and even asked for the recipes to make them at home. The only hangup? Five minutes into me rattling off a million expensive ingredients and soaking this and dehydrating that…I completely lost them. Understandably, too. Who has time for that? It was basically a full-time job preparing for that one meal.

Raw food can be really simple (think: salad), but I find that a lot of raw recipes make eating in that style too involved and overly complicated for most of us. And that’s a shame because raw recipes are usually heavy on the produce and healthy fats, which makes us feel really good.

Enter: Emily von Euw’s latest cookbook, The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook. Emily has managed to make raw food accessible, simple, and very, very pretty. Can we just take a moment to admire her photo of raw beet ravioli? So stunning.

I was immediately drawn to her ravioli recipe because at my raw Thanksgiving, I also made beet ravioli from another cookbook and they were the star of our dinner. In fact, my brother still gushes over them today. It’s just that he’d never actually make them for himself because they took me several days to prep and involved four different components. These ravioli though… Dylan—you’ve got this.

If you’re not convinced that a fully raw (un)cookbook is right for you, you’re in luck because Emily has split her book into two sections: raw and lightly-cooked recipes. It’s the perfect balance of raw recipes that are hydrating, light and colorful, and cooked recipes that are grounding, nourishing and hearty. I think you’re going to love it.

A big thank you to Emily for letting me share her beautiful recipe and photo!


Raw Beet Ravioli with Almond Thyme Pâté

Easy Raw Beet Ravioli with Almond Thyme Pâté + Basil | picklesnhoney.com #raw #vegan #ravioli #glutenfree

Raw Beet Ravioli with Almond Thyme Pâté

Gluten Free, Vegan,

Serves: 4

Prep Time: 2 hours

These raw beet ravioli are decadent and beautiful, but secretly so easy to make. You'll love the simple Almond Thyme Pâté filling.

Easy Raw Beet Ravioli with Almond Thyme Pâté + Basil | picklesnhoney.com #raw #vegan #ravioli #glutenfree

Raw Beet Ravioli with Almond Thyme Pâté



  • 1 cup (170 g) almonds, soaked for 8 hours
  • 2 tbsp (30 ml) fresh lemon juice
  • 1/8 tsp Himalayan salt
  • 2 peeled garlic cloves
  • 2 to 3 tsp (2 to 3 g) fresh thyme leaves (or more, as desired)
  • 1 peeled beet
  • 3 tbsp (8 g) chopped basil leaves
  • 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves

Cuisine: Gluten Free, Vegan Servings: 4

Prep Time: 2 hours

These raw beet ravioli are decadent and beautiful, but secretly so easy to make. You'll love the simple Almond Thyme Pâté filling.


  • To make the pâté: blend everything together until smooth and thick. Adjust according to taste, adding more salt or thyme or whatever you desire. Scoop onto a cheesecloth (or parchment paper) and roll up into a cylinder shape. I like to add extra thyme leaves here to coat the outside of the pâté; it just looks pretty. Put in the fridge overnight, or if you REALLY want ravioli, for at least a couple hours.
  • Slice the beet as thin as possible on a mandolin slicer. Scoop 1 teaspoon or so of the pâté onto half of a beet slice and fold the other half over the pâté. It will hold itself in place. Taste this one and see if you want more or less pâté and assemble the rest of the raviolis accordingly. You should have leftover pâté, unless you want to make a ton of raviolis (by all means, go for it). Sprinkle with basil and thyme and enjoy!

Reprinted with permission from The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook by Emily von Euw

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  1. Montreal, where I live, has a a very popular raw food chain, Crudessence (it’s a very high-end chain). Until I started eating their food, I had no idea raw food can be so diverse and filling. But truly, most meals at Crudessence leave me happy and satiated, a lot more than some butter and cream-laden cooked alternatives. Thank you for sharing this beautiful recipe!

  2. Tonya says

    I love this recipe! I could snack on these all day! I will definitely be purchasing her cookbook, I’m always looking for new ways to prepare vegan/raw recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Christine says

    That is such an ambitious endeavor, to create a totally raw vegan Thanksgiving! Have you written about that already? I haven’t had a chance to read many blogs lately but I would love to know more about what you made. I am super impressed. I love making raw foods and I totally love how raw food is so creative, but it is seriously time-consuming. Emily’s recipe for beet ravioli looks beautiful and delicious (and quick!) – I will definitely be trying these!

  4. Gena says

    Ravioli is a classic raw food dish, and your rendition of Emily’s recipe is just beautiful!

  5. This is such a great choice from Emily’s cookbook! Raw food seemed kind of daunting to me at first but once I got the hang of it, it was a lot of fun! I love the idea of eating food with all of its live nutrients intact.

  6. Scott says

    That is a really nice pate and I enjoy the beet pasta idea. That is pretty cool.

  7. Desiree says

    So glad I came across your blog–I am always looking for new beet recipes and these ravioli look like a winner! I give you a lot of credit for planning a Thanksgiving meal with so many constraints. Thanksgiving is an exercise in stress management, even if you’re cooking the same dishes every year!

    1. Totally agree! And thank you for the very sweet words. <3

  8. Rodrigo says

    Tasty? Check!
    Easy? Kinda check!
    Funny italian name? Check!
    Doing it? Yes!

  9. This ravioli looked way too pretty to eat, I especially loved the raw taste the beets added to this dish.

    1. So glad you loved the raw beet ravioli, Lauren! They really are almost too pretty to eat.

  10. Erin Appleby says

    This was absolutely delicious!!! It is well worth the wait! Thanks!

    1. So happy to hear you loved the ravioli, Erin!

  11. GORDON HARRIS says

    I live in a fairly isolated mountain town along the Fraser River in British Columbia. I really like your recipes but I’ m the only one in the house who would try them, so I’ll have to be very selective and just make small quantity ones like the Hollandaise sauce in the microwave one.

    1. Amanda says

      Hi Gordon, Kudos to you for eating plant-based! I’m sorry to hear your family isn’t open to trying these recipes. Perhaps a pasta dish would seem more familiar? A few ideas: Thai Noodle Salad with Peanut Dressing (I’ve yet to meet anyone who didn’t LOVE the peanut dressing), Weeknight Mushroom Stroganoff, or Sweet Potato Noodles with Vegan Alfredo Sauce (use their favorite pasta instead of the sweet potato noodles—the sauce is so, so delicious).

      1. Gordon Harris says

        Hi, Amanda; Thanks for your suggestions. We’re 2 retired guys living together. I’ve always wanted to be vegan but always had the unfortunate luck to be paired up with confirmed carnivores so I do what I can. Luckily, I like meat! I just resist eating it because I won’t kill anything except for mosquitoes, and it doesn’t seem morally right to hire someone else to do the deed for me.
        That’s why I love South Asian and Oriental foods.
        Love your recipes!


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