Time to Bring Out the Kiddie Pool

Honey Pool Butt

As I was looking through old photos for my recent birthday post, I was reminded that it’s been forever since I broke out the plastic kiddie pool. You know, the one I use for my dogs instead of actual children? That one.

Honey & Olive

I left it with my parents when we moved to SF and was fairly certain my mom had put it out on the sidewalk for someone else to enjoy as soon as we drove out of eyesight. She hates clutter, and Pickles hates getting wet.

Pickles Hates the Pool

I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find it still sitting in my parents’ basement. Although, I’ll admit, I did make Aaron go get it. I hate basements and the threat of spiders. No one else will have any issues, but the one time I go down to the basement, there’s guaranteed to be the biggest bug you’ve ever seen.

We set up the pool on our little porch yesterday afternoon, and since we didn’t have access to a garden hose, we just used buckets of water from the bathtub to fill it up. It was sort of a win-win, actually. I got a little workout, and the dogs had pleasantly warm pool water.

Honey Likes the Pool

Honey jumped right in, but this was Olive’s first kiddie pool experience and she took a little longer to figure it out.

Olive Isn't Sure

It was nothing a shiny new tennis ball couldn’t solve.

The best tennis ball ever.

The only thing she refused to do was sit down in the water.

Olive won't sit.

I tried and tried to make her sit…

Olive not sitting.

But the only thing I got were some funny expressions.

Still not sitting.I give up.

Good enough for me.

Olive loves tennis balls.Olive's Favorite.

How was your Sunday?