Bird in My Apartment

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with food, because instead of spending my morning working on a new recipe, I spent it rescuing a bird. I can’t make this stuff up.

Aaron and I were on our daily morning walk with Honey to take her to the dog park, when we spotted this small, bright yellow bird in the middle of a busy street. It was obvious this was someone’s pet, and it was clearly lost.


Fortunately, there weren’t too many cars, so being the animal-lover that I am, I stopped traffic for a few seconds and got the bird to fly over in the direction of the sidewalk. People driving by must have thought I was insane, trying to walk a spastic puggle and simultaneously catch a bird, but you do what you have to do. Honey was pretty psyched about the situation – she thinks everything is a toy for her.

Aaron was able to drape his coat over the bird (it wasn’t scared of people), and we ran home, crossing our fingers we hadn’t accidentally suffocated or crushed the poor thing. It was fine, so we put it in our bathroom, and then went and got our landlord, Tom. Lucky for this bird,  Tom just happens to be a bird guy, with an extra birdcage and birdseed. Again, I can’t make this stuff up.

We’re hoping to post a few flyers, contact the MSPCA, and find its owner. If not, Honey may be getting a bird instead of another dog.


I’d say we’re equally excited about the prospect.

Have you ever rescued a lost or stray animal? And does anyone know anything about birds?!

I know nothing, but my landlord thinks this one might be a finch? Or a canary? It seems to be fairly content, hanging out on a perch in the cage, eating, drinking, and somehow managing to scatter birdseed all over my floor. And it really, really loves to chirp. That part is getting old fast.