How Olive Spends Her Afternoons

I thought since it’s Friday and all (YES!), I’d do something fun and share one of the highlights of my day. Just about every afternoon, when my work stress is at its peak, I’ll turn around in my office chair and see this:

It’s kind of hard to stay pissed off when that little spectacle is taking over my workspace.

And remember my parents’ kitten, Bo? He’s just as feisty as ever, and has become very good friends with their mini schnauzer mix, Frodo. This is a video my dad sent me the other week (I promise Bo is fine – just wait for it around the 30 second mark).

My parents’ puggle, Pickles (Honey’s BFF), also likes to get in on the action, although she’s much less intrigued with Bo and more into his cat toys. Here’s what happened when my parents got Bo a new scratching post/cat tree:

Happy Friday!!


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  1. Ahhh! I can’t watch the videos since my stupid work blocks YouTube!! I’ll have to check ’em out at home. I LOVE cute pet videos. I seriously get sucked into YouTube for hours clicking through them (because one leads to another… and another…). My husband is obsessed with the videos that show dogs wearing boots and trying to walk- he laughs so hard he cries.

    1. Amanda says

      That reminds me – I need to get a video of Honey with her boots on! Well, they’re not really boots, more like balloons that you stretch over their paws to protect them from ice/salt. They kind of stick to the hardwood floors and it’s hilarious. I’m not sure Olive will tolerate them. haha

      1. Just watched all three! My guys are tail-chasers too- I love it! And the second video is awesome- they look like two puppies playing!
        Please take a video of doggie boots!

  2. She is so precious! She’s getting so big, too! Keep feeding her those magical growing beans 😉

    1. Amanda says

      haha I’m not sure how much she weighs this week, but she gained nearly 2 pounds the week before!

  3. haha! This is so cute. I am not gonna lie, I’m not a huge fan of cats cause I think they tend to be snobby (and my dad is deathly allergic so he always taught me to not like them as a child-so there ya go) but when they play with dogs I think its so funny. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Amanda says

      I’m fairly certain Bo thinks he’s a dog. 🙂

  4. These are hysterical. I’m sure they exists already but could you imagine a blog of just dogs doing stupid things? Ginger could definitely contribute her fair share.

    1. Amanda says

      haha That might be the best blog ever.

  5. I love the first video of your adorable puppy! Dogs, especially puppies, are so successful at facilitating my procrastination especially during the busiest times! ha

    1. Amanda says

      I agree! It’s very difficult to get anything done during the day when I have two dogs running around. I try to get as much done as possible when I know they’ll be sleeping.

  6. Kait says

    Bahaha those are amazing! I love how Olive “resdiscovers” her tail repeatedly.

    Thanks for making my day!


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