How Olive Spends Her Afternoons

I thought since it’s Friday and all (YES!), I’d do something fun and share one of the highlights of my day. Just about every afternoon, when my work stress is at its peak, I’ll turn around in my office chair and see this:

It’s kind of hard to stay pissed off when that little spectacle is taking over my workspace.

And remember my parents’ kitten, Bo? He’s just as feisty as ever, and has become very good friends with their mini schnauzer mix, Frodo. This is a video my dad sent me the other week (I promise Bo is fine – just wait for it around the 30 second mark).

My parents’ puggle, Pickles (Honey’s BFF), also likes to get in on the action, although she’s much less intrigued with Bo and more into his cat toys. Here’s what happened when my parents got Bo a new scratching post/cat tree:

Happy Friday!!