How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar | #sprouts #jar #diy #recipe

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar | #sprouts #jar #diy #recipe

Even if you think you have a black thumb, trust me when I tell you that yes, you can absolutely learn how to grow sprouts in a jar. Need proof? A few weeks ago, I killed an air plant, despite the woman at the plant shop telling me they were “super easy and impossible to mess up.” That air plant and I had a good, 5-month run until winter happened and I overwatered it and caused root rot. (Go figure my happiest plant is one from Ikea from 8+ years ago that I basically ignore.) After my air plant fail, I needed a win—one that I couldn’t overwater. That’s why I decided to get back into growing sprouts in a jar.

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar | #sprouts #jar #diy #recipe

I’m sure there are many ways to grow sprouts, but my go-to method is to grow them in a big 32 ounce wide-mouth mason jar. From there, you only need a few things, including organic sprouting seeds (very important because you can’t/shouldn’t use any old seeds), a small piece of cheesecloth or fine mesh, a rubber band to secure the cheesecloth, and a medium bowl to allow excess water to drain while still letting air circulate. Two tablespoons of seeds will pack your jar so full of sprouts, you’ll be able to enjoy them at least once or twice a day for a full week (yay!). This is a very awesome thing because a) sprouts are ridiculously good for you (especially broccoli sprouts, Google their cancer-fighting phytochemical, sulforaphane) and b) they’re delicious.

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar | #sprouts #jar #diy #recipe

The key to loving sprouts is experimenting to find which types you prefer, keeping in mind that they taste almost exactly like their adult vegetable counterpart (for example, radish sprouts taste like radishes). This makes total sense, and yet it blows my mind so much so that practically every time I eat sprouts I think, “magic!”. (they are pretty magical)

I buy my sprouts on Amazon for convenience and my favorite mix is called “Broccoli and Friends,” which always makes me smile because it’s full-on hippie-dippy. They come in a big 1-pound bag that lasts for-ev-er, and include a combination of broccoli, clover, red radish, and alfalfa seeds. The sprouts are mild-tasting with the perfect amount of bitter/earthiness and I use them on everything: avocado toast, salads, sandwiches, soups, flatbreads…I’ve even been eating them at breakfast.

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar | #sprouts #jar #diy #recipe

That one jar with just 2 tablespoons of seeds takes about 5 days to grow and easily makes more sprouts than I would get if I bought 4 plastic containers of sprouts from the grocery store. This probably saves me about $10/week and definitely encourages me to eat more sprouts. It’s a great cycle and unlike what the woman at the plant shop told me about air plants, learning how to grow sprouts in a jar really is “super easy and impossible to mess up.” Seriously, you’ve got this!

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar | #sprouts #jar #diy #recipe


How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar | #sprouts #jar #diy #recipe

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar

Gluten Free, Vegan,

Serves: 1 packed 32 ounce jar

Prep Time: 7 days

A simple step-by-step guide for how to grow sprouts in a jar. Growing sprouts in a jar is easy, affordable, and super gratifying!

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar | #sprouts #jar #diy #recipe

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar



You'll need:

  • 1 (32 ounce) wide mouth glass jar
  • 2 tablespoons organic sprouting seeds
  • 1 small square of fine mesh or 2 layers of cheesecloth
  • 1 rubber band
  • 1 medium bowl (for draining the jar)

Cuisine: Gluten Free, Vegan Servings: 1 packed 32 ounce jar

Prep Time: 7 days

A simple step-by-step guide for how to grow sprouts in a jar. Growing sprouts in a jar is easy, affordable, and super gratifying!


  • Place the seeds in the jar, cover the top with cheesecloth, and secure it with a rubber band. Fill the jar with enough cool water to cover the seeds, drain, and repeat a couple more times to thoroughly rinse the seeds. Refill the jar halfway with cool water, then let soak overnight (8 to 12 hours) at room temperature in a dark cabinet.
  • Drain the seeds and thoroughly rinse them, then drain them once more. Place the jar upside-down at an angle in the bowl to allow drainage and air circulation through the cheesecloth. Move the jar and bowl to a dark cabinet. Rinse and drain the seeds 2-3 times a day, making sure they never completely dry out. They will begin to sprout (sometimes as early as day 1-2 depending on the type of seed you use) and should be ready to harvest in 3-7 days. Once the sprouts have leaves that begin to uncurl, place the jar in a sunny spot for 1-2 days so that the leaves turn green.
  • Transfer the sprouts to a colander or salad spinner and thoroughly rinse them to remove any shells and seeds that didn't sprout. Drain and pat them dry (or let them air dry on your counter), then store them in a covered container in the fridge. Use the raw sprouts within 5-7 days on salads, sandwiches, as a topping on soup or pizza—the possibilities are endless.

Notes [1]

I buy these organic sprouting seeds on Amazon, which take about 5 days to reach maturity (I live in Boston; the weather near you may make this faster or slower). The seeds include a mild-tasting mix of broccoli, crimson clover, red radish, and alfalfa seeds. The 1 pound bag lasts forever, making them much cheaper than buying sprouts at the grocery store or farmer’s market.

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  1. Erika says

    This is awesome! I have a black thumb and can’t keep anything alive, but this I can handle. 🙂

    1. haha Yes, you’ve got this Erika! 🙂

      1. Tee billingsley says

        I need to know how much water do you add. Do you rinse it daily or add water. I see the cup of water in the picture but messed how much.

      2. Amanda says

        Hi Tee, Please refer to the recipe instructions where I’ve detailed how much water to use. Initially when you soak the seeds, you want enough water to cover the seeds. It isn’t an exact amount because everyone’s jar will be different. Hope this helps!

    2. Sue says

      I have made sprouts successfully in the past but the last 2 times they got soggy and I had to throw them out( fed to chickens). Am I not leaving them in a dark cupboard long enough? I drain them well(?6

  2. I love sprouts! so I appreciate this post, I have to give this a go! thanks for all the great tips

    1. Happy to provide some sprouting tips! Please report back on how it goes if you give it a try!

  3. Jennifer says

    haha I’ve killed my air plants too. Totally possible to kill them lol

    1. High five to my fellow air plant-killer! haha I’m glad I’m not the only one. 😉

  4. Kate S. says

    I used your recipe to grow sprouts last week for the first time and I don’t think I’ll ever buy them from the store again. Thank you! It was very easy.

    1. That’s so great to hear, Kate! It really is super easy.

  5. Rebeckah says

    Thanks for the great post! I checked out the Amazon sprout link you included and it does not have prime. You might want to update your link.

    1. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Shirley Neeriemer says

    Thanks for this post. It reminded me how much I loved peanut butter and alfalfa sprouts sandwiches when I was in college. Gotta get back to sprouting.

    1. Your comment reminded me of a friend who always used to eat peanut butter and PICKLE sandwiches for lunch! I can’t say that I’ve ever tried the combo, but I’m kind of curious… 🙂

      1. Alyssa says

        My uncle swears by peanut butter sandwiches dunked in chicken noodle soup. I know they say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it… I just can’t make myself do it! PB&sprouts on the other hand I WILL be trying in just 5-7days!

      2. Amanda says

        haha I’ve never heard of the pb sandwich + chicken noodle soup combo. (I don’t think I would try that one either! 😉 ) I had a roommate in college who dipped french fries in soft-serve and I thought it was the most bizarre thing ever, but I guess I can understand the whole sweet/salty thing?! And yet somehow, I think pb + sprouts will work! lol

      3. Jack says

        LOVE me some spouts.
        With pb.
        Instead of relish with tuna or sardines..
        And yes, I dip my pb & sprout samich in my chicken noodle soup.

        Tks for the link etc. Getting back into all this and micro greens this month, (March 2021).

        Ps. Don’t know y but this auto keeps changing my email to capital letters

  7. Laurel says

    Thank you for the instructions. I’m excited to try making them. Do you wash and re-use the cheesecloth, or just cut a stack then use and discard after each batch? Thanks.

    1. Hi Laurel! It’s such a small square of cheesecloth, I usually just toss it when I’m done. If you wanted to re-use it, I’d probably give it a quick wash with some dish soap and let it air dry. I find it gets a bit discolored in the process.

  8. Hi! Thank you for posting this! I like sprouts and two weeks ago I tried to grow it according to your instructions. It really works!

    1. Amanda says

      That’s awesome! There’s something so satisfying about growing your own sprouts. 🙂

    2. Holli says

      Love the concept of growing sprouts, I love them so much!
      Question though, do you clean your seeds first? If so, what method do you prefers?
      Also, do you keep watering them when they are in the jar in the sun for the 1-2 days turning green? Or leave them to dry out?

      1. Amanda says

        Hi Holli, I thoroughly rinse the seeds a few times to clean them. Once they’re greening in the sun, I don’t find I need to add any more water. Hope this helps!

  9. Hayley Wilkie says

    I think my sprouts might have gotten like a mouldy white fuzz to them. Is this normal? Or should I toss and try again?

    1. Amanda says

      Oh no! When in doubt, toss ’em out! Definitely not worth the risk if it is mold.

  10. Terri says

    Ive been getting the ‘gardening itch’ and there’s not much I can do about it with 3 feet of snow still on the ground! So glad I found your site as it reminded me I could do sprouts inside. My first set of sprouts are now ‘greening’ on the counter. I’m looking forward to that yummy taste and good nutrition. Thanks so much for your clear instructions.

    1. Amanda says

      This makes me so happy, Terri! I love growing sprouts because they’re such an easy thing to DIY and still very satisfying to grow something from seed. <3 I just ordered a big bag of seeds myself and am looking forward to sprouts in a few days too. 🙂

  11. mary says

    Fabulous idea! I’m not known for my green thumb but I think I could handle this! Fingers crossed:)

    1. Amanda says

      You can totally handle this, Mary! 🙂

  12. Adela Bustos says

    Hi! Thank you for the information. I Wilma try this. However, the amazon link doesn’t take you to the product. Can you update the link? Thank you

    1. Amanda says

      Hi Adela, It seems like the links are working when I try them. Here it is, in case you still need it:

  13. Julie says

    I have the seeds you recommended, but do not have a wide-mouthed 32 oz. Mason jar. I have a larger widemouthed pickle jar. Would this work or do the sprouts require some crowding?

    1. Amanda says

      Hi Julia, I think a pickle jar should work! The seeds will sprout and expand to fill whatever container you use. 🙂

  14. Julie says

    Thank you. The sprouting process went well in the pickle jar. Love the sprouts you recommended.

    1. Amanda says

      Awesome! Thanks for reporting back, Julie!

  15. Lynette says

    Worked perfectly! Thank you for the tips!

    1. Amanda says

      Awesome! I’m so happy to hear that, Lynette!

  16. Rach says

    Why do mine always get a fluffy mould(?) on them whilst sprouting?

    1. Amanda says

      Hmmm. That seems like an air flow problem. I would first make sure to drain them well, and also that you’re tilting the jar at an angle upside down so that air is still able to pass through.

  17. Intan Kirana says

    Finally! I found the website that explained about healthy life! Thanks! I love the layout too!

    1. Amanda says
  18. Janis says

    Does is have to be a wide mouth jar? Or will it work with a regular mouth mason jar?

    1. Amanda says

      It will work with a regular mason jar, but I find it’s more difficult to remove the sprouts once they’ve fully expanded.

  19. Val nucci says

    What is the name of the sprouts seed you like on Amazon? I tried your link with 3 different browsers and no luck.

    1. Amanda says

      Hmmm, I just checked the links and they all appear to be working. The name is: Broccoli and Friends Sprouting Seed Mix and the brand is
      Todd’s Seeds.


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