New Addition

I promise I’m not starting a farm/animal sanctuary, despite what all of these recent animal posts would indicate. I’ve actually been busy working on a couple of new recipes, but I’m still tweaking a few measurements and ingredients, and I want to get them just right. Don’t worry – they’ll be worth the wait.

Also worth the wait?


This little girl.

After waiting nearly two years to get a second dog (traveling to and from San Francisco is not conducive to having a puppy), Aaron, Honey, and I finally found one that we think will be a great fit for our little family. And now that I’m working part-time from home, it just seemed like the perfect time.


Well, summer would have been a more perfect time. Having to put on my shoes, coat, gloves, etc gives me about .001 seconds to get from my apartment to the bark mulch outside. Let’s just say we’re going through an absurd amount of paper towels and disinfectant.


The shelter thinks she’s a 12-week-old Blue Heeler mix, although she does look like she might be part Pointer too. I really have no idea, but she’s learning basic commands very quickly and is now well-versed in “sit” after about a minute of training. She’s extremely food-motivated and sits down pretty much every time we look at her, waiting for a treat. I’ll take it.


We’re working on teaching her to use a bell to let us know when she needs to go out, but so far Honey is the only one using it. And by “using it”, I mean Honey tries to lick/eat it. Surprisingly, Honey is not food-motivated, unless the food is a stick, random piece of plastic, or maybe an acorn. We come home from the dog park with pocketfuls of these things.


The puppy is definitely a dog’s dog – she loves to play fetch, sleep on the floor, and chase after birds (Yellow excluded). This is a stark contrast to Honey, who I swear is a little person in a dog’s body.  She wants you to go get the ball, will NOT sleep on the floor, and would sooner try to play with a bird than eat it. Their personalities are a nice mix.


So now we just need a name. And some more paper towels.

What do you think we should name her?

We’re trying to keep with the Pickles & Honey food theme (naming your dog to match your blog? totally normal), and we like Olive, but also tossed around Basil, Flour, Fig, and Vanilla (Nilla for short). Other ideas? She has a very sweet personality, but she’s spunky too. For example, her favorite toy is Honey’s leash, but only when Honey is on the leash. It’s amusing to everyone except Honey.