Thursday Thoughts

Hang Gliding

– This past weekend, Aaron and I drove up to New Hampshire so he could cross something he’s been wanting to do forever off of his bucket list: hang gliding. The funny thing is, Aaron hates flying. I had always been fairly at ease with it…until we started traveling together and I actually gave some serious thought to the mechanics of being on an airplane. Anyway, for some odd reason, Aaron was totally cool with getting in something that looks to me like a sleeping bag attached to a glorified kite and being towed by a tiny, lawn-mower-like plane 2,000+ feet in the air. It was a tandem flight, of course, but that’s still really freaking high. Aaron said he only had one moment when they were taking off where he wondered what the hell he had gotten himself into. The rest of the time, he described it as “taking a nap in the sky.” And yes, I got that line on video. It actually looked like a really peaceful ride from the ground and I even considered trying it myself, but then he told me when the plane reaches the target elevation and releases the hang glider, there are a few seconds where it feels like going over the top of a big rollercoaster. Nope. I’m out. That is the WORST feeling.

Tiny Little Plane

– I’ve been feeling kind of meh about my workouts recently and full of all sorts of excuses about why I shouldn’t go to the gym. It’s too hot out, it’s raining, I’m too tired… In reality, the gym is cooler than my apartment, the rain means I have to exercise indoors, and working out is usually energizing (at least initially). I called bullshit on myself this week, and fueled by chocolate and general life stress, I got my act together and took it out on the spin bike. You know how instructors always say to leave everything at the door and give your workout everything you have? I’ve been doing that and it feels damn good. I’ve increased my base gear, upped my RPM, and worked so hard that I didn’t even hear the music. I need to lose myself like that more often.

– Olive’s still really into chasing her tail. At first, it was cute because she was a puppy and we just figured she was “discovering” her tail, but she’s almost one now. Shouldn’t the novelty have worn off already? It’s like she re-discovers it every day, and she gets almost as excited about it as she does about squirrels (meaning she goes batshit crazy).  Aaron started calling it her “ass squirrel”, which for some reason is the funniest thing ever to me. Our conversations now go something like “What’s all that noise? Is Olive getting into something?” and Aaron will respond, “Oh, Olive’s just chasing her ass squirrel…” and then he tells her “You get that ass squirrel, Olive! You get it!” And she does. Every. single. day.

Olive is Crazy